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            1. Pylon lab-on-a-tip technology redefines near-patient testing

              Anywhere in the hospital

              The answers you need

              • A complete, fully automated immunodiagnostics solution
              • Addresses comprehensive needs, including inflammation, cardiac function, fertility, infectious diseases and tumors
              • Compatible with a broad range of sample types, including whole blood
              • No daily maintenance required

              Learn More

              A new force in Silicon Valley

              ET Healthcare is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, ?the heart of Silicon Valley, where entrepreneurship is a way of life and the best of minds in science and business gather from around the world. True to Silicon Valley tradition, scientists-entrepreneurs Dr. Hong Tan and Bob Zuk, ?each with a track record of success, have joined forces to turn their groundbreaking inventions in engineering and chemistry into simple yet powerful solutions for clinical diagnostics and the life sciences—beginning with the ?Pylon lab-on-a-tip immunoassay platform.

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